Monday, September 6, 2010

Perfect White Chocolate Mochas

White Chocolate Mocha:

3 oz. brewed espresso coffee
6 oz. milk (I use 1% lactose free)
2 T. Ghirardelli White Mocha powder (or slightly more)

Iced White Mocha:
Dissolve white mocha powder in the espresso coffee in a mug or measuring cup.  Add half of the milk to a 15-oz. glass 1/2 full of ice cubes.  Add the espresso-white mocha mix to the glass.  Fill the glass with the remainder of the milk and mix.

Hot White Chocolate Mocha:
Dissolve white mocha in the espresso coffee in a large mug.  Heat the milk in the microwave for approximately 1 3/4-2 minutes (until about 180 degrees F).  Froth the milk until double in volume  (I use a Bodum frother that looks like a French press but the Aerolatte frother is cheaper and also works well.)  Add milk to mug and mix.

First Post

Hi!  I've created this blog to go with the website I am just starting.  The website will include resources for high school chemistry teachers and students.  This blog?  It will include chemistry... and, well, more.